The typical configuration of landfill of 2D seismic response are calculated in detail

The separation is an important event in the life cycle of the family, it has an important influence on family life quality and health level. Using Chinese generation population database – a tale of two cities CMGPD-SC, using discrete time event history studies in the late Qing Dynasty (1866~1913 years) northeast of the twin cities Bannerman immigration of separation and the elderly mortality risk relationship, the study found that: separation increased the risk of death in the elderly, women and the elderly compared to separation of elderly male death increased odds ratio is more obvious; son, the greater the number of elderly people the mortality odds ratio is low, son in the traditional society in providing parents endowment of resources has important.
Human avian influenza and human avian influenza) is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by the subtypes of influenza A virus infections in poultry in some strains. As people susceptible to avian influenza virus subtypes increasing and highly pathogenic subtypes appear, leading to the disease in recent years in the world especially Southeast Asia, China, and other areas of outbreaks of epidemic, for control of the disease caused by global researchers pay great attention to.

In this paper, the research status are reviewed in this paper, combined with China’s analysis of the actual problems existing in the prevention and treatment of the disease and puts forward some suggestions.The typical configuration of landfill of 2D seismic response are calculated in detail, the purpose is to investigate the effect of different intensity ground motion under the action of the landfill stability the relative importance between the main factors impact assessment of the stability of landfill, and all kinds of factors. Calculation results show that: (1) covered with a layer of stability rely mainly on parameters of the material properties of MSW, landfill height, the input ground motion spectrum characteristics, and site conditions; (2) liner stability depends on the input motion of peak acceleration and Zhuo Yuezhou period and the landfill field basic self vibration period.